Interventional Pulmonology and Advanced Bronchoscopy

Posted On 2020-12-15 17:27:53

We are pleased to present the readers of Shanghai Chest with this focused series covering updates and advances in the field of interventional pulmonology (IP) and advanced bronchoscopy.

This focused series was designed to provide readers with state-of-the-art reviews on several classic topics with recent advances, as well as cutting-edge areas that are still maturing.

Together, these articles form an excellent resource for all interventional pulmonologists and advanced bronchoscopists. They offer recommendations that are based on data and endorsed by leaders in the field. We look forward to feedback from the readers of Shanghai Chest so that we may continue to provide high-quality, relevant publications in the future.

Focused series on interventional pulmonology and advanced bronchoscopy
Jonathan S. Kurman, D. Kyle Hogarth

Review Article
Rigid bronchoscopy: a general overview
Amit K. Tandon

Transbronchial cryobiopsy: how to do it safely?
Jasleen Pannu, Van Holden, Christian Ghattas

Bronchoscopic lung volume reduction: who, what, where, when?
Jonathan S. Kurman, D. Kyle Hogarth

Acquired esophago-respiratory fistulae in adults
Billie A. Bixby, Sean D. Maddock, Chakravarthy B. Reddy, Aidin Iravani, Sikandar A. Ansari

The role of electromagnetic navigational bronchoscopy in the era of robotics
Jessica McLaughlin, Amit K. Mahajan

Endoscopic ultrasound in interventional pulmonology
Elliot Ho, Pravachan Hegde

Foreign body aspiration: a review of current strategies for management
Abhishek Sarkar, Vivek Murthy

Advances in endobronchial ablative therapies
Daniel Katzman, Angela Argento

Management of airway complications following lung transplantation
Laura Frye, E. Kate Phillips

Recent advances in airway stenting
Lihua Liu, Jinliang Kong, Cheng Georg

Evaluation and endoscopic management of persistent air leaks
Virgil Secasanu, Sevak Keshishyan, Alberto E. Revelo

A review of the modern, multidisciplinary approach to the management of massive hemoptysis
Christine M. Cook, Maykol Postigo Jasahui

Percutaneous dilational tracheostomy: current techniques and evidence of safety
Uzair K. Ghori, David M. Chambers

Management of malignant central airway obstruction
Venu G. Pasricha, David M. DiBardino, Kevin C. Ma

Endobronchial ultrasound needles: does size matter?
Shreya Kanth, Edward M. Pickering, Ashutosh Sachdeva, Van K. Holden


The series “Interventional Pulmonology and Advanced Bronchoscopy” was commissioned by the editorial office, Shanghai Chest without any sponsorship or funding. Douglas Kyle Hogarth and Jonathan S. Kurman are serving as the unpaid Guest Editors for the series.