Chest Wall Surgery for Tumors in Adults and Pediatrics (Ongoing)

Posted On 2023-03-14 11:38:02

This Series on Chest Wall Surgery for Tumors in Adults and Pediatrics is edited by Dr. Alessandro Gonfiotti.

Alessandro Gonfiotti, MD, PhD
Thoracic Surgery Unit, Cardiothoracic Department, University of Florence, Florence, Italy

Prof. Alessandro Gonfiotti is a graduate of University of Pisa, School of Medicine. He trained in General Thoracic Surgery at University Hospital of Pisa and did a post-doctoral fellowship in the field of radiofrequency ablation of pulmonary nodules. He then joined the University Hospital of Florence and subsequently became staff surgeon and Associated Professor of Thoracic Surgery at the local Cardio-Thoracic department. His clinical interests include all aspects of general thoracic surgery, with particular interests in minimally-invasive VATS and robotic surgery, interventional bronchoscopy, tracheal diseases and chest wall surgery for both, tumours and deformities.

Chest wall surgery includes a wide variety of benign and malignant disease, varying from primary tumors to congenital disease. In this special series we want to focus on surgical challenge for thoracic surgeons facing chest wall malignant diseases. Despite the wide range of prosthetic materials available, the ideal method for chest wall reconstruction is still a matter of debate, even if this surgical procedure clearly improves postoperative ventilation, shortens overall hospital stay, and aids postoperative pulmonary physiology and mechanics. In primary Sarcomas, the multimodality treatment is more and more indicated, especially in pediatrics. By collecting the leaders’ opinion, we want to give a 360-degree view of this topic.

Series outline:

  1. Chest Wall Surgery: Historical Background
  2. Primary Chest Wall Condrosarcoma
  3. Lung Cancer Infiltrating the Chest Wall
  4. Chest Wall Reconstruction Materials
  5. Chest Wall Reconstruction: The Plastic Surgeon Role. 
  6. Chest Wall Reconstruction in Pediatric Patients 
  7. Chest Wall Ewing Sarcoma 
  8. Multimodality Treatment in Adults and Pediatrics
  9. Sternal Resection and Reconstruction
  10. Extra-Skeletal Sarcomas of The Chest Wall
  11. Chest Wall Resection for Breast Cancer
  12. Chest Wall Reconstruction With 3D Printing

The special series “Chest Wall Surgery for Tumors in Adults and Pediatrics” was commissioned by the editorial office, Shanghai Chest without any funding or sponsorship. Alessandro Gonfiotti is serving as an unpaid Guest Editor for the special series.